From an entrepreneur to being a singer, Jason Fernandez is one versatile personality to follow!

Jason FernandezOne of the key points to growing a business is to provide clients with quality services. Customer feedback is extremely significant, and Jason Fernandez has built his empire in the digital marketing industry. The entrepreneur from Honduras started his career as a full stack developer after which he got into the digital marketing industry. His ability to collaborate with artists and brands saw Jason doing multiple campaigns after which he got a strong network of connections including celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs and other prominent people.

In the last few years, the entrepreneur has been upgrading his knowledge about information technology and is implementing it in his work. The digital entrepreneur has a great fanbase on social media where he very often interacts with his followers. In 2017, the young man established Viral Audience, a social media agency who has got many well-known hip-hop artists and brands as its clients. Besides this, his other venture The New Wave is another success. The hip-hop news site has been creating record month after month with over one million unique visits.

Not just this, Fernandez has got many other skills. He has worked as a celebrity manager and has associated with many names including Juicy J, Chloe Crowhurst, DJ Shadow, Pitbull, Janet Jackson, Warner Bros, 300 Entertainment among others. Singing being his other talent has lately given him immense recognition. “I enjoy the process of singing and I have fortunately worked with so many singers and hip-hop stars who have inspired me to try my hand at it. Getting to learn different skills has boosted my confidence and I will keep improving myself”, said Jason. At an age, when his peers were enjoying chilling, Jason Fernandez utilized his time in achieving success.

You have a lot to achieve in the years to come. Keep going, man!

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