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Friendship Day Special: Try These Friendship Styles from Bollywood

Friendship Day Special - friendship in Bollywood style

Friends are often the most special species in the life of all. Even the most introvert person has someone as friends in his or her life. Friendship Day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August symbolizes the bond of friendship people share with each other. The Bollywood has tried to showcase this relationship over the silver screens, giving before ideal friends and loyal ones. Also, you have some famous friends Jodi as well seen in the movie, which have been symbolic for this relation, which we all chose in our lives once, twice or many times. There are certain friendship styles in Bollywood movies, which will remain immortal till the man last on this earth. How about exploring certain friendship styles, which Bollywood has given time and again over the screens. At this juncture, when the world celebrate Friendship Day, how about checking certain friendship styles shown over the silver screen in B Town movies:

Jai-Veeru from Sholay- Always on Toe to Sacrifice anything for Friendship

When Friends of B Town are discussed, no one can forget the symbolic Jodi- Jai-Veeru from Sholay played by Big B and Dharam Pa Ji. The two may not be good friends in real life, but have been known the top filmy friends. Thanks to their characters played in Sholay. Their friendship bond was so strong that they didn’t mind giving up lives for each other.

Munna Bhai-Circuit from MunnaBhai MBBS- The Hand & Glove

The duo though are goons but leave no stone to entertain people around them. They are committed to each other and leave no stone unturned to be together all the time. Whether they are doing any good or bad, they always remain with each other in their Chaddi Yaari. They can go to any extent to make each other safe and happy.

Bikram-Bala From Gunday– Unite-separate and Again Unite with Force

The friends and partner of coal mafia business, who took crime and smuggling of coal to a new level, they symbolize friends from young age to their end of life. Though they separated for a while but when unite again they are back in business of friendship and commitment showcasing the world they can live and die as friends as always.

Bollywood movies on friendship

Rahul-Anjali from Kuch Kuch sizzlinga Hai- from Friends to Lovely Partners

Though the two started their friendship on a high note but they ended up becoming partners to live ever and forever as friends and buddy. Starting their friendship with the game of basketball in college to separating from each other and finding again amidst the life when they are all set to move in different directions. Instead of pursuing their personal choices, they end up meeting again and come together to lead life as friends forever.

Rohit-Jadoo from Koil Mil Gaya – Going extra mile to return happiness to Friends

Though this friendship is bit weird and strange yet it has all the values one can promise in any typical friendship. As friends they care each other and made sure they return their life and everything which can make them happy. Rohit at the climax goes extra mile to enable Jadoo to meet his family based somewhere in the galaxy in other planet.

Wrapping up

So, you have friendship in B Town of different style and taste but one thing in common the strong bond. So, which of the styles do you really belong. This Friendship Day, time to chalk out some interesting and committed resolutions for your friend, and you have a couple of B Town styles, which one you would go with? Do let us know by commenting below!

Happy Friendship Day!

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