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Friendship Day Special: These Hindi films taught us more about friendship than life ever will!

Friendship is glorified in practically every Hindi film, and it plays a significant role in determining the plot. In films like Dil Chahta Hai, and Sholay, friendship takes centre stage, sometimes overshadowing the romance and action. Let us celebrate the dosti in Hindi films on the occasion of International Friendship Day with this collection of Hindi films that have celebrated friendship.


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Jai and Veeru have become a textbook example of male bonding throughout the years. For homo-erotic inferences, their behavior has been investigated. But those were the carefree 1970s, when one comrade might climb onto the shoulder of another with boyish abandon. ‘Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge,’ a Jai-Veeru tune, continues to resonate across generations.

Dil Chahta Hai:

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Farhaan Akhtar’s directorial debut, regarded by many as the ultimate dosti film, showed the dosti between Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, and Akshaye Khanna with a lived-in authenticity. The tone was casual and conversational, and the attitude was laid-back.

Rang De Basanti:

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Siddharth, Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi… Despite the fact that one of the ‘students’ was approaching 40, they all appeared to be at ease as college students. The key to making a film about friendship feel genuine is to cast performers who are distinct from one another but skillful enough to bring the characters together as a coherent unit.

3 Idiots:

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As college friends, Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, and Omi Vaidya walk down the road of life… The mismatched aims of the four buddies, as though they all sought to reach goals too far-flung to make the pals, made the voyage look so alluring on screen…. Friends, that’s all for now. That’s what piqued my interest in the chemistry.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:

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Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, and Abhay Deol play three buddies who embark on a road trip through Spain. Most of her male colleagues didn’t understand male bonding as well as Zoya Akhtar did.

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