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FriDay Movie Review

FryDay Movie Review

  • Movie – FryDay
  • Director- Abhishek Dogra
  • Star cast – Govinda, Varun Sharma, and Digangana Suryavanshi
  • Producer- Sajid Qureshi, Mahipal Karan Rathore and Salaunddin Yousuf
  • Production House – Inbox Pictures
  • Screenplay – Rajeev Kaul and Manurishi Chadha
  • Story – Rajeev Kaul
  • Music – Ankit Tiwari and Millind Gaba
  • Cinematography -Manoj Shaw
  • Rating – 3.0

Its  A Typical Govinda Film


Meet Rajiv (played by Varun Sharma) who is a 27 years old sales professional dealing with water purifier. He has to sell one water purifier before the weekend starts. On the other side, we have Manchanda, the man is crazy, quirky guru of some crash courses for sales that gives him a lead of a potential customer. This man is then seen heading for the house of the one of the popular theatre actor who happens to be Gagan Kapoor, who has his own loving husband but at the age of this man of 40, he is seen having a series of extra-marital affairs. The coming Friday, we have seen Gagan getting naughty with Bindu as it enters Rajiv who is seen refusing to get out since it has to install the purifier.

Gagan now wants to go out as his wife is expected to come anytime. Then we see Rajiv is seen using the tips of the Guru to get into some extra-sweet-sugar-talks with Gagan and Bindu, and as we see Gagan’s wife entering the Bindu’s eccentric cop husband, called Rajiv is seen finding himself in varied kind of relationships with each and every person, just to install that Pavitra-Pani-Purifier, and on the other side Gagan pleads with him to keep his mess a secret. So, what really goes there is interesting to catch.


On the face of it and looking at the plot and the content, we find the film something similar which we have seen earlier in different forms. In other words, it is the same wine now being poured out in a different bottle. So, as you check watching the film, you notice similar sort of content in the film coming along with some different set of actors and storyline. Hence the freshness in the film is still missing here. Now, if you look at the other things like screen play, dialogues, and music, these seemed to be okay but not strong enough to add much value to the film. The same is the story with the songs and tracks that come along abruptly adding not much entertainment value in it. Now, talking about the performances both Varun Sharma and Govinda have been incredible over the silver screen and they would keep you entertained with their apt comic timing especially Varun. In fact, many of his scenes have even overshadowed Govinda as well. The other too remained okay but weren’t that impressive over the silver screen.


The film is a decent watch if you are looking for a light comedy. However, do not go with much of expectation as you would find similar things as we see in any Govinda starrer movie.

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