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With Fractious Response On AIB Knockout Turned Some Bollywood Celebs Speechless

aib knockout

The three words i.e. AIB seems to be turning up to a new level of peak that can even knock the doors of an entire globe. Hiking apart the thing which is rolling eventually all over the B town have took a new turn that have kept most of the B town celebs speechless. Of course we are quite aware of the situations wherein almost half of the Bollywood celebs were humouring with but on the other hand it’s indeed shameful that not even left some of the celebs to spoke few words on the grabbing controversy of AIB Knockout! And the biter fact is that the video is still rolling amongst the audience virally, despite by an official BAN on the video itself.

Moreover, if we talk about some of the celebs who were nothing but speechless on the video are well known to you. Have a look here one by one, starting with the lovely actress Elli Avram who was shivering like anything to answer a bit on the video that gone viral in the town. She could hardly added ‘I Wouldn’t Like To Be In Such Situations’. Whereas if talk about Varun Dhawan, then he just smartly dodged the question depicting that he doesn’t want to get involved in any kind of controversy at least for now as if he’s quite busy in his looming movie Badlapur which will in the air soon. Likewise the other celebs reacted on AIB Knockout video.

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