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Fitness Model Sky Sins Built a Successful Business by Being More Than Just an Influencer

Sky Sins

Fitness Model Sky Sins Built a Successful Business by Being More Than Just an Influencer

We all know that wellness is a growing trend all over the world, and not just in certain trend-setting countries. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute estimates that the “wellness market” is now worth trillions of dollars. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, either. Who doesn’t want to spend some money in order to feel better, whether it’s a yoga class to relieve stress or a course about meditation to improve your ability to focus?

There are companies that have been able to scale to millions of dollars in revenue simply by offering a healthy food alternative or a skincare solution that includes less chemicals. Of course, social media has played an important role in making sure that these companies reach their intended demographic.

Sky Sins understood the importance of his Instagram following early on. There are plenty of influencers that might post certain content and move on, but Sky Sins has cultivated meaningful relationships with his followers. You can find him interacting in his own comment section, thanking and responding to messages, as well. His audience also trusts his word when it comes to his products, which helps to create a positive – and profitable – feedback loop.

There are many influencers out there that pay the price by simply treating their fanbase as a financial opportunity instead of genuinely caring about their own products and the reputation of their company.

One notable recent example involved 29 year-old Jaclyn Hill, who boasts over 6 million Instagram followers. While she is certainly a formidable social media influencer, it didn’t stop the fact that her company delivered products to customers that actually tested positive for mold. As a result, her company, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, offered to issue refunds for products and Hill herself ended up deleting her social media.

It’s a stark contrast from Sky Sins, who “only develops products he believes in and uses everyday” . His attention to detail and the fact that he cares about his customer’s health is what sets him apart from the competition. Sins seems to understand that by creating the most ethical and incredible products, the money will follow afterwards.

There are plenty of savvy consumers that understand that influencers will do what’s in their best interest, and they might be able to identify the more authentic influencers from the rest. Sky Sins has transformed his entire body and mind, and many fans have joined him on his journey by viewing his content. In addition, it is clear that he wants to empower and uplift his customers with the best possible product, more than anything else.

Sins is poised to gain market share in a massive industry that is only growing. In fact, he already had 15,000 pre-orders for his products before his company, Physique Collection, officially launched. If Sky Sins sets his mind to something, he will put his maximum effort towards it. However, this time, it’s not about his abs, or calves – it’s about being a formidable entrepreneur in the wellness industry.

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