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First week collection Hate Story 2, Pizza 3D and Amit Shah Ki List

first week collection of Hate story 2, Pizza 3d and Amit Shahni Ki List

The Bhatt clan has always being at the center of success when it comes to making hit movies in the B Town. You have so many movies coming from this family doing really well over the Box Office especially the ones coming from Mahesh Bhatt and his daughter Pooja Bhatt. Vikram Bhatt too shares the similar kind of figures when it comes to getting higher collection for his movies, be it his 1920 and its sequel or the recent ones called Ragini MMS , now you have Vishal Pandya another important element from Bhatt family is seen treading the same path with his movies like Three Love, Lies, Betrayal and now the Hate Story 2.

So, when you talk about Hate Story 2, the movie has so far a good story of figures so far in the first week since its release. It got a good start as compared to the other movies Pizza and Amit Shahni Ki List, with good collection at day one and the coming weekend. So far in one week, he movie was able to yield around 25.60 crore. Thanks to the hot and sensual avatar of Surveen Chawla in the movie with a story a bit different than the other revenge stories really made the difference. Though the movie was released with two others on the day yet the share of the two, remained very much low.

Looking at Pizza 3D, it has nothing much new in it and similar was the story with Amit Shahni Ki List. The former had poor script, dull and usual horror story, however, the element of 3D made the difference while comparing the same with the latter. Amit Shahni Ki List had an okay kind of script but was backed by a very poor direction, which made the movie sink over the box office. Yet the two were able to secure 4 crore each at the end of first week.

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