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First week box office collection of Kaanchi, Revolver Rani, and Samrat & Co

Kaanchi, Revolver Rani, and Samrat & Co

The last week witnessed three movies at a single row – Kaanchi, Revolver Rani and Samart & Co. However, looking at the box office report, you can find it as a very poor weekend. If you look at the figures, they really seem too low. None of the said movies were above said movies were able to garner good money and the basic reason for not earning good was due to the low key promotion. Ironically everything seems going as per the decided script that got reflected over the dull box office collections for each and every of the three newly released movies.

Talking specifically about the movie, Revolver Rani got a good start was able to garner a good start collecting around 6 crore over the box office. Well, if you compare this figure with the earlier movie of Kangana Ranaut’s Queen, the collection seems low in comparison to the amount of 9.55 crores, which the said movie was able to collect in the just few days only. The movie, however, was not panned by the audience or critics and not even applauded to the skies either. Having a nice appeal to the earlier movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, the movie witnessed a good release, which was not expected. Yet the word of mouth seems cool and no one really is waiting to see the week passing by, though the earlier indication doesn’t really give you a rosy picture.

Now talking about Kaanchi, the indications really seems to be very much clear, which the movie makes the movie a big disaster over the box office. The collections over the box office are simply seen very much in the initial week and there was not enough escalation in the weekend either, which resulted only to 3 crore odd money coming in the first week. A majority of critics were seen coming out heavily over this movie and was really disheartened to see what Subhash Ghai is up to. Ghai’s experiment has completely failed who ironically gave some really good and hot movies in the past.

Talking of Samrat & Co. can be called as one of the biggest disasters. Despite getting some good reviews the movie failed to transform into a good collection. Again the movie was the victim of poor promotion, which compelled it to struggle with a one crore mark. With such a meager start, the movie is certainly not going to perform nicely in the current week or ahead. All in all, the movies were unable to reap good result over the box office reports.

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