the-officeThe recently released Hotstar original, The Office is out however, the audiences aren’t finding it as lucrative as its source with the same name. Audiences have been taking on to their Twitter handle, slamming The Office India for its over-the-top humour and ‘Punjabi dad jokes’.

Hotstar has already started streaming the Indian remake of the cult TV series The Office that has been created by Rohan Sippy, Debbie Rao and Vivek Bhushan. Inspired from the long-running US show, the remake hasn’t turned out to be a victory over the Indian audience over. The verdict has been revealed out on Twitter, and fans simply don’t seem to be happy.

Taking to Twitter, several users have slammed the complete show for its over-the-top humour and ‘Punjabi dad jokes’.

One of the user’s wrote, “What the hell forced you guys to make #TheOfficeIndia ? Aur atleast copy to ache se karo yr. P.S. Pam ka pammi bnaa dia,” while another wrote, “Watched the first three episodes of #TheOfficeIndia. I’ve mixed feelings. They have replaced Michael’s jokes with punjabi dad jokes. Rest of the dialogues are just directly translated into Hindi. I am sure they have used the same subtitle file as the @theofficenbc.”

The third user posted, “The Hotstar version of The Office is unwatchable. Don’t know who the target audience is but can’t imagine anyone liking it. Punjabi Michael Scott is the worst and Punjabi Jim and Pam have the chemistry of a glass of water at room temperature.”

However, there were a few who even felt that the show wasn’t that bad.

Notably, the new adaptation of The Office includes stars like- Mukul Chadda, Gopal Dutt, Sayandeep Sengupta, Samrishi Dewan, Gauhar Khan and Gavin Methalaka in pivotal roles.