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Fireflies Movie 2014

Actress: Monica Dogra
Release Date: 31st October, 2014
Cast: Monica Dogra, Rahul Khanna, Arjun Mathur, Shivani Ghai, Aadya Bedi
Director: Sabal Singh Sheikhawat.

The story of the film Fireflies, that had been much-anticipated, has finally been scheduled to see the day lights as on the 31st of October this year. The plot of the movie revolves around the relationship of two brothers, one of whom had achieved success in life being a banker while the other had been a dropout from the law college. The unfortunate drop out has to manage his life on daily basis. This film shall narrate the reunion of these two siblings over a period of fifteen years. This reunion shall introspects the brighter and the gloomier parts of life and the ever going tassels between the ones who got success in life with the ones who failed to achieve it. The film is all about a journey to discover one’s self in the most emotional ways. Thus, one can say that the movie is dramatic by its genre.

The film is directed by Sabal Singh Sheikhawat and the pivotal roles for had been casted though Rahul Khanna, Monica Dogra and Arjun Mathur. Rahul and Arjun shall get casted in the roles of the two brothers. Monica shall give life to the role that shall have Arjun’s interest in the aspect of love. The movie is financed by Wild Geese Pictures and Panorama studios had shouldered the responsibility of distributing the film.

As narrated by the director, he is keeping is fingers crossed to touch the hearts of the audience with the passionate and emotional flicks in the movie. He is op the notion that the pace of the screenplay had been uniform and the audience shall get a chance to compare themselves with their respective quotients of humanity and the approach to life with the two brothers from this film. The contrast that had been designed between these two brothers shall complement each other to fetch success for the movie as a whole.

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