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Finest live performers from the event industry come together to put a smile on your face with a unique video called Expectations vs Reality!

Beat The Monday Blue Event

It is an unusual experience for the entire world during this lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost everyone is going through a rough phase and finding it challenging to deal with the sudden change in lifestyle.

During this tough time, a bunch of finest live Anchors came together to make a little difference through their collaborative effort which is named Expectations vs Reality. A unique video that showcased the reality of the lockdown scenario while you are home.

Stalwarts like Sidharth Kannan, Gunjan Utreja, Sachin Kumbhar, AK Rahman, Aman Sharma, Raja Mukherjee, Clince Varghese who are best known for their energetic and inspiring live performances, set their best foot forward and came up with a video which not only feels relatable but also puts an instant smile on your face.

The video begins with each artist and their amazing body of work where one is seen jumping into the crowd, while the other is cheering up the audience, one is seen dancing while another one is rapping. Well, this was the expectation one has from an artist. The second half of the video showcases the reality of live performers during the lockdown.

Live performers and artists like them are the reason why every event becomes a hit. Their highly energetic persona , ability to attract the audience, and their charm are a few of the reasons why they say that a host completes the event.

The coronavirus outbreak has majorly affected all the industries and service and event industry being one of them. Thus, to bring out the best and cheer everyone up, these artists made this ‘Expectations vs Reality’ video to remind everyone that life becomes more joyous when we add conscious efforts in our day to day activities.

This video also brings out a strong message that during this hard time, we all must come together and fight this difficult phase by being productive, staying positive, and most of all by staying indoors and taking care of our health and the nation.

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