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Finding Fanny Movie Review

Finding Fanny Movie Review

The Homi Adajania’s Finding Fany is all set to release tomorrow (12th September 2014) in India and abroad starring all the stalwarts of Bollywood – Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia. The music comes from Mathias Duplessy, Sachin Jigar and Sachin Gupta, whereas the lyrics are from Alec Mercer.  It is an English and Hindi satirical movie, which is based on a Goa road trip to follow the five fantastic but dysfunctional friends who move ahead in this drive in order to search the love interest of Naseer’s character. The movie has been already chosen to screen next month at the 19th Busan International Film Festival, while it has been cleared for the U/A certificate.

Talking about the plot, it revolves around five different dysfunctional characters found in the movie, which live very much in the quaint sleepy kind of village called Pocolin. Nestled deep down the Goa’s interiors, this village, Pocolin, is known for witnessing a number of pointless arguments and discussions, which is the part and parcel of its daily chores. However, nothing really happens at this village except a number of pointless discussions around. The story starts when a retired postman called Ferdie (played by Naseeruddin Shah) gets a letter slipped in his door, which he realises that he has written way before 46 years ago for his love- Stefaine Fernandes proposing for marriage. However, this letter, which he wrote long before was never posted, while this man had been leading life with regrets since all these years considering the fact that his lady love has rejected his proposal. He then decides to find his lost love- Fanny, the name he gave out of his love. The story is all about finding her without realizing whether this woman could have died after 46 long years, or could have settled down happily with a marriage, etc.

In his search, he is being joined by four different and colourful characters from his village turning out with random pretexts though in reality, all of these people simply come out to have a change in their daily boring and usual lives. These characters include a bitter mechanic, a virgin widow, aggressive artist and the self-declared lady of the village. During the movie, you would certainly enjoy their hilarious chats and arguments, which eventually makes their lives different and move in a different track. At times, you would even cherish Zoya Akhtar’s movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara without those wonderful splendid visuals. However, Finding Fany is very much different from this Farhan Akhtar’s movie as it lacks the perfection of portraying the right solution for personal problems, which ZNMD showcased the best.

Despite this, the Homi debut directorial movie has many things, which any other Bollywood flick would even think of even touching it. For instance, the widowed life of a young virgin girl and the relationship of a lady with her daughter-in-law can be called as the rare topics, which any other B Town movie ever thought of covering them. You can find number of sequences wherein satires are being dealt with incredible sagacity. You have touchy emotions in the movie, which is being dealt creatively by the director and presented perfectly by the lady actors and others in the movie. Apart from the hunt of old postman’s beloved, the others in the trip also take this opportunity to find out their own life partners. In a short narration, you would find the movie with smart and clever dialogues with good scenes that cater an excellent amusement in the entire 100-minute film.

Let’s check the movie performance wise, which seems more favorable for this flick. Well, Deepika as the virgin widow is incredible as is not seen sombering over her hubby’s demise, while has been instrumental in finding the beloved of old postman. She is known to pamper everyone in the trip, which the leggy lass has perfectly accomplished with her rightful expressions for her character. Arjun Kapoor in the character of an angry young man cum car mechanic, he too has been in the right track in terms of character performance. He is seen doing a great justice to his character of a frustrated and heartbroken young man called Savio. On the other hand, you have Pankaj Kapur who is the belligerent artist seen often wooing the mother in law of Deepika’s character (Rosalina – Dimple Kapadia) and thus could be called as lustfully humorous guy. He has been splendid in playing the character of an aggressive painter who leaves no stone unturned to bring out the best painting despite all odds coming his way.

Then you have Naseeruddin Shah playing the character of the old postman who is behind his old beloved – Fanny Hunt program carried out in the car along with his four companions. He has been brilliant in playing this character of an introvert and shy lover who appears to be innocent and sane. Lastly, watching Dimple Kapadia playing the character of Rosalina “Rosie” Eucharistica – the Village’s Lady is simply a sheer pleasing experience. She has been doing her performance with utter fire and vigour, seen all the time in her skintight attires while hunting the beloved of Ferdie.  The music comes soothing, which is a montage of Indian and European notes, while the lyrics too has cool and captivating and so was the playback singing as well.

Final word – Finding Fany

Well, needless to say that Finding Fany is simply flawless since it caters to a specific sect of the audience. However, the ones who are accustomed to enjoy the masala movies in theatres could find the film a bit slow especially in the first half. Finding Fany could be seen unconventional in numerous ways right from the bottom to the end, hence would be not much enthralling for the conventional fans who happens to be masala hungry people. If you are among such people, indeed Finding Fanny is certainly not your pick, however, if you love nature, literature and something exceptional in any flick, then this movie becomes a perfect choice for you. After all you can catch up a number of things, right from love, live to the philosophies behind the two, neatly carved and presented by the characters of the movie. Three and half stars for this movie as you take on an incredible road trip accompanying fantastic five and explore small but vital philosophies of life.


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