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Finally Shahid Pours his Heart for his film Padmavati

Finally Shahid Pours his Heart for his film Padmavati
Finally Shahid Pours his Heart for his film Padmavati

The actor Shahid Kapoor as we know is also the part of the film Padmavat who plays Deepika’s husband. Though he was unhappy for being sidelined in the trailer and wanted one more to have the right space in it but now is a happy man as his film Padmaavat has released all across the country despite all odds coming in its way. So, amidst all this, the actor was seen talking about the film and pouring his heart about. He started with his thank note for the entire country for standing with the film that made the release possible and easy.

He was seen with his wife in the HT Most Stylish Awards 2018 wherein he was asked to comment about the chaos and unrest that seemed to have hampered the film all across the country. He said that he and the makers have been saying from day one to allow them to first show the movie and then agitate. He said people with preconceived notions can always do the harm hence the Supreme Court had to intervene but still people are not giving importance and respect to the judgment of the court. He said every film that is released has to be respected as it passes the censor.
He said that the freedom to express and creativity should be there and one has to have the sense of Liberation while you are expressing yourself. No one in this country is forced to watch any movie, if anyone dislikes the film, you should not watch and this is only democracy. In the film Shahid has played the character of Maharaja Ratan Singh and he said that no other film has expressed and glorified the Rajputs as much as this film has done. He said that the film has presented the Rajputs in the best way.

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