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Finally KRK Apologizes Publically

KRK apology on twitter

Just after one when Kamaal Rashid Khan popularly known as KRK waged a war against Vikram Bhatt sending him a legal notice accusing for the defamation in terms of 1920 London review. Soon he was seen sending out loads of tweets to Bhatt and a number of B Town celebrities a majority of these were not in a good flavor as usual.

One such tweet was targeted to Shraddha Kapoor which made her sister’s cousin Siddhant to stand by her by tweeting back to KRK. One can see both KRK and B Town going a long way out while he has claimed to share a good relation with the industry. For a number of reasons best known to these filmmakers they had organized a number of dinners and lunches for him.

The actors like Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh call him as Bhaijaan, while big B was there to inaugurate his website a couple of years back. Its been some time to these things and now we can see something in the media, which surprised everyone when KRK actually apologized in his tweets apart from getting the reply to the legal notice issued to him by Bhatt by his lawyers.

In fact, just two days before, KRK was seen tweeting that he will leave the Microblogging site he will get more than 2000 hate tweets and by the next morning he has received 4000 by the next morning, which made him change his tone over Twitter. He asked people to support him for let leaving Twitter. As per a source, KRK is not into any kind of trouble once the legal notice was sent out to him. Also, an online petition going against KRK also got a huge response which made the lawyer apologize publically to settle the dust due to this controversy.

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