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FINALLY Jagga Jasoos gets the release date


We all knew Jagga Jasoos with constant delays that have simply reduced the excitement for the film but it finally has a release date. The film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, the movie may release on July 14, 2017. Well, at least that’s what the actor has stated. At the recent awards functions held, the actor confirmed that the release date for the Anurag Basu film is definitive. For above two years, the film has faced severe delays. And thanks to Ranbir and Katrina’s breakup, perils for Basu further aggravated.

But FINALLY, the shooting is complete and they’ve found a date to release it. Although, they were done with the shooting earlier itself, however, because of certain song sequences that need to be shot, it was delayed. The date of release as per Disney was April 7. But due to the delay in shooting the songs and some more scenes, the dates were pushed.We just hope this is the final date for another delay would not look good for the film. This is supposed to be Ranbir and Katrina’s first film together since breakup. Fans were super eager to watch them romance onscreen again. However, these delays have really put off RanKat fans, who have wanted to see them together (atleast in the virtual world).

In case you folks didn’t know, the film has 29 songs. Yeah, you heard that right! So without a doubt, shooting of them all would take time. The film is a musical and Basu wants to be true to its theme and hence, he along with Pritam conceptualised 29 songs. Everyone on the sets was stunned with Ranbir’s friendly behaviour, while Katrina was only focusing on her shoot.

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