Film Director Ron Kahlon : Making the Most of Being an Independent Filmmaker

Ron Kahlon is an Australian film director of Indian origin who has worked on movies like ‘Shepherd’s Pie’, ‘The Seashell’ and music videos like ‘Door’ and ‘Russian Gun’. His recent project as director was ‘The Untold’, which was released on MX Player and Hungama Play not too long ago. Though Ron is based out in Australia, he has an enriched knowledge of Indian culture, Bollywood’s mechanics, and much more. Therefore, while talking to Cinetalker exclusively, he not only spilled the beans on his journey as an independent director but also opened up about personal experiences.

The best thing about independent filmmaking is the creative freedom it lends, which studios, producers and films with big budgets do not get. Independent filmmaking is great for up-and-coming filmmakers to find their feet and develop a sense of style.

Ron Kahlon
Ron Kahlon

Film festivals and other screening events have been great for showcasing independent work. With the proliferation of online video content, the audience has a lot to choose from. It’s a nice change to have work screened to a room full of engaged people. Film festivals are also great for not only meeting other filmmakers, but getting a sense of what films are out there and which ones have success in the festival circuit.

So far Ron Kahlon has made two short films, both of which have been screened at international film festivals. The Untold is by far the most successful. In 2021, He made The Untold, which was successful on the film festival circuit and helped him really make his name as a young filmmaker and gain credibility among local funders. The film was a winner at European Cinematography Awards, New York Cinematography Awards and Asian CInematography Awards. 

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Ron Kahlon

Ron Kahlon got involved in film at a very young age. He has always been fascinated by film. The Director says, “I was living with my parents at an Army camp and there was a cinema in the shed. Every Friday me and my friends would sneak into the cinema to see the latest release. Watching a film was an extraordinary experience and that’s when I decided I wanted to go into the film industry but wasn’t sure in what capacity. 

For a first-time filmmaker He doesn’t get tied down with worrying about a lack of resources. For a first-time-project you can’t worry about the risks. The director says ‘I think knowing what feedback to take on-board and what feedback to ignore is important.’

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