Film artist Ch Moazzam Ishaq’s notable journey in the film industry

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Film making is an art that has rooted itself as a strong cultural and economic factor in today’s world. The realm is filled with people doing their part to ensure that the show goes on. Artists do their best to succeed in the film industry but only a few get to leave their mark. An aspiring talent in the industry is Ch Moazzam Ishaq. He is an actor and filmmaker from Pakistan, a country with its strong presence in the international film and drama scene. Pakistan has always provided phenomenal work and people to the world to cherish through times. Ishaq tries to portray no less and this can be proven by the attention and love he has garnered from the highly selective and ruthless Pakistani masses. The viewers know of his work and filmmakers reckon his credibility.

The young artist, better known in his peers by his nickname ‘CMI’ lived the early days of his life in the country side at Jhelum, Pakistan. He grew from a small village ‘Barwala‘ and got his education from the Army Public School and College in Jhelum City. His main fascination had always been in the infusion of modern technology in video art and film theory. “The changing scenarios in the world of filmmaking from traditional to modern ways are what always made me look at awe towards the art of films”. He was anxious and enthusiastic about his career in films from a very tender age.

Work done by CMI can be found in both his home country as well as in the international playgrounds. He has worked in three prime time drama serials in Pakistan.The native work includes director Syed Wajahat Hussain’s romantic tragedy ‘Do Bol’, this garnered the love from everyone. The drama ‘Haasil’ aired on Geo TV and was a work of art by Huzu Productions. Perhaps the most renowned drama serial is ‘Khamoshi’ that made the viewers stick to their chairs and watch each episode anxiously. The most famous Pakistani award show that sets the milestones for artists is the LUX Style Awards. They have also acknowledged him for his work and gave the nominee for “Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent” in 2018.

International presence has also been made by Ishaq as he diverged into film production along acting. Nicholas Donald is a renowned name from the United States who has worked on masterpieces such as The Box – TV series and Ground Zero –documentary. CMI’s work as a producer can be seen evidently in the 2019 horror film ‘Seal One’ and the science fiction of 2019 by the name ‘Acr Agenda’. The work still gets praise from the international filmmakers and viewers community on the bases of its excellence. 

The playfield set up in the Pakistani film industry is a very uneven one as one side there are cases of inherited fame and prejudice such as Asim Azhar and Ahad Raza Mir. It cannot be said that their success is completely due to the contacts of their parents, but this fact cannot be denied. Many of the most prestigious names in the industry are just simply born into it and have been mentored from their early ages. 

The notion for success of a struggling artist is a mere impossibility for many that aspire to do big in the Pakistani Film Industry. A struggler that makes his mark in today’s industry cannot be neglected as a force to be reckoned with. The local area is filled with people trying to get into the big leagues but most of them just get to fade with the passing crowd. The Pakistani viewer is also eager to see the work of the artists whose family name walks in quite a while before them. The struggler faces his first hurdle in the form of a name that is not linked to any well-known power in the industry. One of the most famous names in the industry is Javed Sheikh. He can be taken as a prime example of what a struggling artist can make in Pakistan if they work with zeal and zest.

Ishaq aims to use his influence to reach out to the masses. He has successfully used his skillset and motives to make his mark in his native and international domains. This has made him conscious about his responsibility as a mouthpiece of society.

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