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Fight Of Top 2 Bollywood Queens, Let’s See How Wins

Kangana Ranaut Vs Deepika Padukone
Kangana Ranaut Vs Deepika Padukone

It isn’t too far that the success of Padmavat had ceased the minds of Karni Sena. It was the most rated film of 2018 till now. Sanjay Leela Bhansli’s flim Padmavat made huge controversies on the Silver screen. After the success of Padmavat at 400 crore, what will be Bhansali’s next project? From sources “The Trinity” would be Bhansali’s next project

People are eagerly waiting for a film that the Zee Studios is creating chaos not only on Social media but also on Political System. Yes truly, a Tollywood director ‘Krish’ is making curious just like Padmavat. ‘Manikarnika’ the film based on the life of a legend who fought like a hero in the battle of 1857. Recently a photo of ‘Sonu Sood’ created controversy on the Social media. Now the questions arise, Padmavati or Jhansi ki Rani? Deepika or Kangaana? Which means Padmavati V/S Manikarnika.

Padmavat created instability in ‘Karni Sena’ due to various issues. But now the film ‘Manikarnka’ is creating instability in the Brahmin Mahasabha during these days

“The story plays historic tricks showing ‘Manikarnika’s love with an Englishman”- says one of them. Now will the issue create something destructive or will it take a political turn.

But both flims show the valour and power of the women in the films but it is needed to be understood by the people. Now the questions arise about the earning and the red-carpet story. Will ‘Manikarnika’ prove a clash to Padmavat.? Will it break Padmavat records? Will ‘Manikarnika’ be the next Bollywood queen  ???

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