Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Fifty Shades of Grey –not to release in India

fifty-shades-grey movie not to release in India

The  movie Fifty Shades of Grey, the Hollywood BDSM drama was released all over the world past valentine day’s week; however, it failed to get its release in India. The reason why the movie was not released in India apart from UAE and Malaysia is because the film features around 20 minutes of explicit sex scenes. The filmmakers in India have been trying hard to make their movie carrying the themes like    bondage, dominance, masochism and sadism apart from the 20 minutes controversial sex scenes.

As per the sources, the filmmakers have to wait for long hours to get the appointment from the Censor board and they have given their application to release the movie in India. However, considering the controversial sex scenes the Censor Board has been reluctant in releasing the film. As per sources, the movie can have a prolonged release, which can be only possible in May. Also, the movie is expected to get a number of cuts from the censor board, which will eventually ask the filmmaker to step down from the idea of releasing the movie in India. The movie has got a very good opening in US and Europe market, while the filmmakers have announced to make its sequel as well.

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