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FFI demand ‘special courts’ to resolve issues of film industry on priority.


People affiliated to the Film Federation of India (FFI) are demanding the government’s support to the federation by creating “special courts” to benefit the filmmakers which will deal with the ailing issues in the industry. Members of the FFI were discussing the current issues of the film industry on Tuesday in Delhi.

Talking to the media FFI secretary Supran Sen said “we want the government to tackle the problem of piracy by creating special courts where our pleas can be considered seriously,”

He further added that FFI many times called on police assistance related to several issues but were put down by an unusual approach from them. FFI believes that the special court for the film industry would certainly help the filmmakers to get rid of the issues like piracy which affects them badly.

Welcoming the recent order of the government to minimize the Goods and service tax GST on cinema tickets,  FFI said that the piracy related issues and restoration of single screens should also be looked into and efforts should be taken to control piracy of the films by implementing provisions in the Cinematography Act.

To curb the menace of piracy FFI demanded that the people should be asked to deposit their smartphones before entering the movie hall to avoid them from recording the film in their phones. “One single phone can shoot the entire film. People also know different ways to record the film,” Tekwani said.

Asking the government to cooperate FFI to win this battle against piracy FFI President Firdausul Hasan, said that piracy of Indian films has crossed borders and people living outside India watch our movies without releasing there. “In Bangladesh, people watch our films, but they are not getting released there. This is piracy. Being a part of the FFI, we can just raise our voice, it’s the government who has to do the real job,” he said.

FFI chief said that the organization can’t work without governments support and insisted that the government should not look at Indian film industry as “Sin Industry”, “To maintain better relations, we are creating an Indo-Bangla federation. Without the government’s help, we won’t be able to do it. The government’s co-operation is very important,” Hasan said.

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