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Few Tweets To Read Before you check the Booking Tickets For ‘Dhadak’

The film has been making news in the media for many reasons and ever since the trailer has been released in the media, it has created a good amount of buzz in the media. Though it happens to be a remake of the film Sairat made in M Town in 2016, yet it seems to be going on a decent note. Now, as the film has released, it seems that the Twitter users have much to talk about their plans of catching up their film. It would be interesting to catch some of the tweets before you really book the film as they have much to share about the movies. Let’s check them as under:

Babloo Bachelor Poster 1

Sairat Vs. Dhadak


A Twitter handle called Vinay Karanam tweeted this – See the M Town film Sairat and you will be wowed by everything you find in the movie. And then see Dhadak and suddenly you start realizing oh I wasted my money!

One Iine-review

A twitter handle called Rohit Jaiswal has his own way of reviewing the film when he said – #Dhadak #DhadakReview – Dhadak 1st Half TERRIFIC and then Dhadak 2nd Half TERRIBLE. He then went on to say that the film Dhadak proves out to be a big winner by 1st Half, but miserably Fails in the second half. He concluded saying that the film fails to deliver a strong chemistry between the two lead actors.

Another Review but this time one word

A twitter handle called Pawan Rekha has to say a tweet claiming it to be a one word review which is nothing but Disappointment. The film said it was ruined like a gorgeous and inspiring story of the film Sairat.

Confident Claimer

There is an interesting one with the handle called Pankhurie Mulasi, which remained a confident claimer. The film has given a great career to the lead actors but the chemistry was missing. He said that he knew he would not like the film. The only USP for the film was music, which interestingly came from the original movie Sairat.

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