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Fever Movie Review

This Friday you have a solo release, which comes in the form of Fever. The film is directed and written by Rajeev Jhaveri, while it is produced by Ravi Agrawal and slew people under the banner of Niche Film Farm, which come along with other groups like Plus Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, ICM Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and Jaya Sapthagiri Productions. The suspense thriller has a Rajeev Khandelwal and Gauhar Khan in the lead role along with having Gemma Atkinson, Caterina Murino and Ankita Makwana in the supporting role. The entire movie is shot in the beautiful locations of Switzerland, while the trailer released on 14th June 2016 got a decent response. Thanks to the sizzling sequences the film is known to has, now let’s dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:

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Talking about the plot of the film, Fever revolves around the life of a contract killer who is surrounded by violence and sex. This goes until he meets an accident and loses his memory. Once he gets up he has just his name a few women in his life that helps him to remember his past and regain his identity. Amidst this there are loads of secrets to come out in the film, which are worth catching up in the nearby theatres.


The film starts with a decent plot; however, soon it is seen losing it. The suspense thriller is seen losing its edge when it loses it track. Despite getting a good start wherein the man enjoys a cool life of sex and violence he is seen astray with the accident, however, the roller coaster and series of things happening in this film can make you confuse and even blow your head off without understanding as to what really goes in the film. Thus you end up getting lots of mess in the film making the audience go nowhere. You lose your interest and so get a number of loo breaks for the very reason that the film loses it track, its momentum and other things in a drastic fashion making a fool of everyone. However, amidst the dark you have some worthy scenes to catch some cool actions to consider and a couple of lip locking sessions. For the people who are the fans of Gauhar Khan would see her in bright pink bikini that can be a key stealing thing for the film.


Now, if you talk about performances, you have dismay on your way. Yes, Rajeev Khandelwal while playing the role of the contract killer seems okay but he failed to tackle the transition which his character is seen passing by. He is in a bad shape mostly struggling as an actor but better than others. His intimate scenes including the lip locking or over the bed scenes lose the realism, which is expected at such junctures were missing. Well, there are lot many things that are seen happening in the film that goes bad to swallow. Gauhar Khan was seen trying hard to give a credible action but reduced to a girl to add a new glow and glamour quotient over the silver screen. The similar was the story with other actresses like Gemma Atkinson, Caterina Murino and Ankita Makwana who remain sexually active with the lead actor but portray their characters without giving the realistic kind of expressions needed for playing things right.

Direction, Music, Editing and other elements

Talking about the direction, the film has a number of flaws; it seems that Rajeev Jhaveri has only put his efforts in shooting the sex sequences to boost the glamor elements to the next level. The direction has flaws as he has failed to connect the dots that are supposed to be added to make the film. The story fails to get the required support by filmmaker which was sensed very badly from it. Talking about the music, it’s seems okay but it doesn’t contribute much to portray the film in a right way. The other elements like editing, screenplay and other things remain average, while the locations are really worth appreciating after all the country like Switzerland is considered for the same.

Fever – Last Word

There is nothing feverish about this film as lacks the right kind of story that any suspense thriller deserves. A number of flaws can be witnessed and sensed with the film for many reasons known and unknown. Overall the film had a rosy picture to portray but unfortunately it fails to get the support as expected. With average performances and story and other things, the film fails to create the fever which it has should consider.

Rating – 2.0


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