Friday, January 28, 2022
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FDA approves the first drug to treat radiation sickness

A drug called Neupogen, meant for treating the side effects of procedures like Chemotherapy has finally got its approval from the FDA (Food and stimulantalluring Administration). This will help in treating a number of side effects like the deleterious effects due to the tradition exposure, which comes from a nuclear incident. This drug is the first ever approved treatment option for issues like acute radiation injuries, while it’s approval was granted in result of the research carried out by the scientists of University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM).

The investigators carried out their research in a number of non-human clinical model based over the high-dose radiation. As per the research, the drug simply works to boost up the survival of securing blood cells. This is really an important advancement as the drug can be now employed for the safe and competent treatment option meant for blood cell effects for severe radiation poisoning. The damages caused by radiation is seen over the bone marrow, which in turn put an impact over the white blood cell production. This research study was seen getting published in the journal Radiation Research. This drug was first made by a company called Amgen Inc., which was first approved in the year 1991 that is meant to treat cancer patients after the chemotherapy.

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