Fashion Influencer Satyajit Majumder’s Guide To Build A Versatile Wardrobe

Satyajit Majumder
Satyajit Majumder

It is a fact that a man needs a foundation of clothing he can reach for when he needs it – clothing that helps him look his best, is right for the occasion he’ll be attending and is timeless in style. Fashion influencer Satyajit Majumder says,” When you build a house you start with a strong foundation. Building a versatile wardrobe is no different.”

Satyajit is known for his effortless, affordable, and drool-worthy styling. He has gained a foothold in the fashion industry with his ahead-of-time sensibilities. He reaches out to his audience on fashion and styling as @Thetwoinoneguy on Instagram. Here’s what he has to say!

Tell us your story behind being a fashion influencer?

I had begun the journey right after my transformation. In earlier days, I was bulky and was often body-shamed. It really took me one decision to live an entirely different life. I realized that no matter how you look if you stay fit and well-groomed, nobody can ignore you. I like to use fashion as a medium to express myself. I believe, if you are sorted with your attire, you have one thing less to worry about!

You said, “Clothing is an investment”. Why do you think so?

When I say invest in clothing, I mean buy QUALITY pieces that will last long. Quality products have the unique characteristic of actually looking better over time when taken care of. You might cry over the price once, and then spend a lifetime reaping the rewards of being a man who pays attention to the details. When you invest in clothing you tend to acquire a collection of pieces that defines who you are.

What makes your wardrobe versatile?

I have a range of clothing pieces from which I can mix & match and look stunning for any event. There are a few staple pieces that I religiously take care of. For example, my favorite pair of black denim. It is always a go-to when I am confused. I feel a man should have a collection versatile enough to create different looks; be it for the office, a date, or a party at the club.

Five must-have pieces for a man’s wardrobe?

One should always have an eye for the classic pieces. Trust me, it makes dressing up really easy. First and foremost; a slim-fit shirt is very important. Secondly, a pair of tailored trousers that fit you perfectly. Next goes a pair of black and blue denim each along with a cool graphic T-shirt. Lastly, a denim jacket to save all your time deciding on what to wear.

Any advice for men who want to ace their styling game?

Who said that there are not enough options for men when it comes to clothing? Look around and you will find numerous styles. I believe, to make a mark, one needs to find his niche. And that is possible to achieve only when a man is true to himself. If you like florals over stripes and checks, go for it! Never stop experimenting. A dash of confidence will take you a long way.

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