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Fashion influencer Ritu Pamnani’s gym posts are giving us major fitness goals

Ritu Pamnani is a Dubai-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer who is spreading her charm in different niches of social media influencing. Speaking of which, do you think that being an influencer is easy-breezy? Think again! These people sweat blood to maintain and portray their most authentic selves. And Ritu Pamnani is proof.

The influencer’s primary content revolves around fashion and beauty, but she also likes to share her lifestyle with her followers. Ritu Pamnani is often seen posing in her workout avatar. She has also posted a few workout videos from her gym sessions that are giving us major fitness goals. In a few of her recently posted reels, Ritu is seen toiling with a different type of gym equipment.

This young influencer focuses on every part of her body: bent-over row, bench press, leg presses, pulldown, and whatnot. While posting the full-fledged workout reel, Ritu Pamnani captioned the posts by typing, “Big or Small… Change means you are growing.”

Here’s what Ritu Pamnani has to say about her fitness regime. “Working out on your body to enhance your endurance and boost vitality is a kind of self-care. I treasure jumping in my gym suit and spending time giving my body more energy. A workout session doesn’t train you only physically but also nourishes your mental health.”

We all agree that these posts motivate us to choose a robust life. Ritu Pamnani flaunts her perfect curves in various trendy outfits. And now we know how she gets one. Besides dedicating her time to workout sessions, Ritu also allows herself to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. From colourful berries and fruits to beans and broccoli, the influencer includes everything in her diet. And how can we forget the savoury protein shake?

Ritu Pamnani has been into content creation for years. With her unique fashion sense and style, she has built a strong fan following. Not only that, but due to her robust and alluring aura, Ritu has fetched a chance to work with brands like NARS, Pantene, Guess, H&M, Mango, Puma, Tanishq, Fila, Mac, Revolve, etc.

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