Fashion Designer Mery Racauchi Discovers Her Passion In Music, Has A Special Advice For The Youth!

Mery Racauchi


The fashion industry has evolved over the years and has given top fashion designers who have redefined style and trends globally. Mery Racauchi is one internationally recognized fashion designer. She hails from Argentina but later moved to New York to pursue her career as a designer. She started her own brand ‘Mery Racauchi’ in 2010 which got global recognition from one and all. Being a child, she was always smitten by the world of fashion and she started sewing her own clothes by hand at the age of 6. She launched her first store in Argentina at the age of 23 and in the year 2018, Mery created new swimwear line named ‘MERY PLAYA’ with Sofia Resing.

She takes fashion inspiration from her travel experiences, vintage fashion trends and rock and pop music. Besides this, she is a model for her own brand and does not believe to represent any other brand. “I like to be the creative director and use my vision, and if I model for other brands, I can’t use my own vision”, she said. With being a phenomenal fashion designer, Mery Racauchi is a talented singer as well. She made the headlines recently when she launched her music video titled ‘At 11:11’ which turned out to be a massive success for her. Her melodious voice and impressive acting skills have made her an emerging pop sensation.

Having so much talent in her, she has managed to bridge fashion and music together with her work. The talented woman has her plans of releasing more music videos soon. When asked about advice for all the fashion aspirants, Mery said, “Always follow your dreams, and be confident – you can make it! Just be very careful with how much money you spend and invest. Money is very easy to spend when you have it and it takes way longer to make the money back.” That’s a really true statement and going by the kind of work she’s doing, our best wishes are with Mery Racauchi and we hope that her works get her recognition on an international scale.

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