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‘What The Fark’ Latest Song From Amit Sahni Ki List Released

what the fark amit sahni ki list

Featuring “Vir Das” an imminent movie “Amit Sahni Ki List” song “What The Fark” is on the track to lift you up on the floor with the vocals of “Rahul Vaidya, Amit Mishra and Aditi Singh Sharma” to give it a melody gesture with an awesome composition of “Palash Muchchal

The track “What The Fark” may confuse you a bit initially but once you listen the song and its stunning unusual lyrics would surely make you tune onto it and soon you’ll say “Man,,, There Is A Party On Tonight”. Talking about “Vir” then here he’s seems to be full on with his small but somewhat catchy moves enjoying every bits on the floor. The special thing that magnifies the listeners towards the number is the lyrics which is awesomely executed by giving a catchy pause on “What The,,, What The,,, What The Farkkkk

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