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Farhan Speaks on Hrithik Roshan & Kangana Ranaut controversy supporting the actor

farhan on Kangi & Hrithik
We all are aware of the controversy going on between the actor Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. This has been happening since past few months and is till not dying down. Allegations and counter allegations have been the part and parcel of the game making things really ugly. It has kept on the roller coaster thing for the two as we keep on hearing too many things all the time in the media. The email exchange between the two when got exposed in the media seen getting the worse brought many other B Town celebrities into the controversy.

In reaction to this incident, the actor Hrithik Roshan was finally seen breaking the silence his silence and then was seen releasing an official statement. Also, he was also seen announcing about that he would soon reveal the entire story to the controversy. We also heard his father speakingabout the controversy. Now we hear Farhan Akhtar seen supporting the actor with a reasoning with what has happened. He was then seen taking to the social media for giving him the detailed account over the complete controversy.

The actor, director said that he has full faith in his actor friend Hrithik and hence he supports him whenever he would need. In fact, he has also tweeted about the same giving his support and said that the mail exchange leakage would soon bring out many more details, which will prove Hrithik Roshan innocent. He then said, he would get the justice and all the mess that has been created in his life seems to die down. Lastly, he said that everyone knows the truth though the complete truth is yet to come out. So, what do you have to say about Farhan’s statement on favoring Hrithik Roshan, do let us know by commenting on it.

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