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Farhan injuried while shooting for an action sequence

The noted filmmaker and actor Farhan Akhtar has suffered an injury over his elbow while shooting an action sequence for his movie, which is under production. As per reports, the actor got the punch on his wrong spot, which caused the injury over his elbow. The punch went on his tendon giving an awful pain over his elbow. As per the reports in one of the leading tabloid of Mumbai, following the accident, Farhan was rushed to the hospital, which revealed the diagnosis for medial epicondylitis, which affected the tendons of the elbow. In simple terminology, the injury is over the golfer’s elbow since this is the very tendon, which is stressed, while the golfer is seen making a golf short.

As per the reports and the sources closer to the actor, the actor has been getting this pain since few days, while the punch over this area did things bad to worse. The irony is that the actor didn’t even consume the painkillers to control the pain witnessed in the said area. Though he was seen relying over the idea of ice compression, along with things like elevation and rest but he failed to fix this problem once for all.  After consulting the doctor and getting a quick treatment for the pain the actor is relaxing for a while but at the same time hoping to recover from it before the concert at Bangalore where he has perform.

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