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Fantasy Prediction for Free: Content Creator and Cricket Expert Pratap Singh Rathod Has Caught The Pulse of the Cricket Culture

Cricket – a culture-defining game in the country has maintained a strong fervorous relationship with the Indian audiences for decades now. Passionate fans flock in hordes to catch important matches and keep up with everything happening in the game and with its players. The shiny chosen 11, and the lively gully cricket stars have inspired and entertained millions for years, and recently the game of cricket has been seeing an exciting new development. Fantasy Cricket!

The fantasy cricket world with platforms like Dream11 and MyFab11 has caught the attention of lakhs of people. Last year Dream11 crossed over 140 million downloads and continues to grow. In fantasy sports, users can create an imaginary team that houses a mix of real players. The user-made “fantasy” teams enter into matches with one another. Fantasy cricket leagues provide an intense experience at one’s fingertips, and many times it offers its users the chance to win exciting prizes, making this new world all the more lucrative.

And to win big in this lucrative world, many trust Pratap Singh Rathore’s YouTube channel Fantasy Prediction For Free. The channel struck a chord with fantasy cricket fans almost immediately and has made a name for itself because of its accurate and in-depth analysis, predictions, and strategy-building suggestions.

Rathod – a big cricket fan himself has spent years learning about cricket, and understands the sport inside-out. He has dedicated his YouTube channel to using all the knowledge he has into helping others gain a similar informed perspective that can be utilized for fantasy sports platforms like MyFab11 and Dream11. He has become a fantasy cricket expert in the eyes of his audience and for them, Rathod and Fantasy Prediction for Free are the golden standard of cricket analysis and advisory.

Rathod says, “Cricket has a long and deep history with this country, the love that it has among us Indians is not new, we have all have been cricket lovers since the beginning. Platforms like Dream11 have brought in a new rush to this sphere where fans like us have a new avenue to explore cricket through and feel more connected to it. I am humbled that I have been able to be of help to fellow cricket lovers, and I plan on continuing to do so.”.

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