Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Fan’s Unbelievable Limits: Crossed Pakistan Border to Meet SRK and Salman Khan


Before we conclude to the topic can I ask you a simple question? Now a day’s the Bollywood celebrities are coming up with something which is unbelievable and on the other hand is actually stunningly impressive but have you ever thought that what’s the reason behind such things, are you thinking? Don’t pin your mind eventually have a look, the basic reason behind celebrities coming up with such tremendous movie just because of the loving fans, who love them like anything. I know some people may not concur with my statement, if it is so then it’s time to reveal a craziness of a fan whose craziness is actually overwhelming and has reached beyond anyone’s imagination.

This one is for the loving fans of King Khan of Bollywood i.e. Shah Rukh Khanand the one n only Salman Khan especially; can you tell me if you’re a true loving fan of anyone of both the celebs what can you actually do? Don’t even thought off that as if, even if you’re crazy for them but I can bet you can’t even think to that level of what a loving fan of both the celebs have done this time. A Pakistani lady whose level of excitement reached to that level that knowingly crossed the Pakistan border without any kind of documents like Visa, passport and not even a ticket!!. Indeed, what you read is actually true. When she was probed, the lady confessed that she can even die to meet ‘Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’ and thus she’s here.

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