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SRK’s Fan First Day Box Office Collection : Biggest Opener Of This Year

Fan Opening Box Office Collection

The SRK Khan starrer movie Fan has finally hit the theatres. The film comes with an excellent promotion in the media, which is monitored by Shah Rukh Khan itself with effective PR companies; hence a huge buzz of the film is being felt in the media before its release. The film has a huge screen share of around 3500 screen counts beating even the previous SRK film release that came in the form of Dilwale with 3000 screens. As per reports, the film opened with a decent occupancy tolling to 60 percent in almost all the multiplexes of the country. The first day being holiday on the eve of Ram Navmi, it was obvious to see such a good response for the film.

The second half and evening & night shows also witnessed a decent surge making the occupancy report at a majority of multiplexes to be around 100 percent. The places like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata (in fact in the entire state of West Bengal), Fan has received a flying start. The other cities like Pune, Gurgaon, Chandigarph, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other cities seemed gearing up to get a good opening as well.

With such a huge response, thanks to the well marketed film backed with Shah Rukh Khan and his team, the film has managed to get a good opening and as per reports, the first day box office collection for Fan tolled to around 19.20 crores, which was as expected by the filmmakers of the film. The first weekend of the film have similar figures each day making the film not just bigger but better as well in the coming times. Let’s see how things go for the film, but at the moment the film has managed to become the top grocers of the year and if things go smooth, it is expected to enter the 100 crore club soon.

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