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Facebook Deactivated Poonam Pandey’s Official Account!

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A Lesson for The Fellow People Posting Racy cum Nude Pics On Social Media Sites!!

An un-beatable truth or may be called as the thing that’s surely un-acceptable for the people posting some racy pics or videos socially! I guess you might have guessed what I’m talking about from the title don’t’ you? The famous cum hot celebrity who was who turned from a Model to an actress ‘Poonam Pandey’, soon after exposing herself in just a Bikini within a bathtub, for a trending Bollywood ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’ she’s is now seemed to be foolish girl in the entire universe, though there were actually un-explainable likes and shares on the video but, such posing scenes actually welcomes trouble as well, the famous exposing pics celebrity ‘Poonam Pandey got her Facebook account ‘Deactivated’!

Of course the girl who was actually known for her Nude image, the “Nasha”, who’s mostly seen by posting her racy images and videos, and you won’t believe she’s was having not more than 2.1 Million followers !! Such a huge number, but this doesn’t create any kind of difference on her character, expressing her sorrow and sadness on twitter she depicted “Really Sad that my Official @facebook Page got Deactivated! It had over 2.1Million fans … Let me Know Tweethearts how can I get it back?” sounds like begging from someone isn’t?. And as it is well said that every coin has two sides in the same way her followers or fans reacted on her tweet, some of them just consoled her, but some really poked fun suggesting dare-bare acts don’t always serve well.

Soon after a while, she again tweeted a link on her FaceBook page informing that my account was activated again! But that was directed to a broken page,, Have a look on what she posted “Wow finally my Page is Activated https://www.facebook.com/ipoonampandey love u @facebook” she posted.

The controversy doesn’t end with this, soon she announced a good news for the fans after she announced her soon-to-be-launched app. She requested her loyalists to post about her using the hashtag #DownloadingPoonamPandeysApp and even promised to follow a ‘lucky’ one.

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