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Facebook blocks, suspends account of Arshi Khan for spreading “Stop Child Abuse in India” social message

If you think that this might be the case of something really censored then let me change your thought process as this will surely give a shock for a while. Well the thing goes like this, have you ever shared a post which is booming in social media around the globe? I know your answer might be like, What kind of ridiculous question is this isn’t? But beware guys n gals as this silly thing can make your social accounts blocked by the site owners. So, guess what who’s the sufferer behind that? She’s none other one of the renowned celebrities of all ‘Arshi Khan’ who’s actually feeling like anything soon after her account was blocked! Check this out what she added on the same.

As per the sources she said – “I was trying to share the FB page “Stop Child Abuse in India” which is the page of an online campaign launched by an NGO Bharat Citizens Action Forum or BCAF. I had hardly shared this page to 2-3 groups when I was blocked from sharing and posting or joining groups. When I tried to share the message on my timeline, my account was suspended and Facebook demanded user verification. I am greatly troubled and disturbed by this action on part of Facebook. On one hand it is called a social networking site. On the other hand, they put such restrictions and blocks in place. I had hardly shared the FB page about 2-3 times when the block happened. It is a social message that I was trying to share. There is nothing illegal or fake about this message. According to official reports about ten cases of sex crimes against children are registered every day in India in the last two years. Crimes against children is a very big social issue in India and I was only trying to create awareness about this issue. This is highly unethical on part of Facebook. If they only want paid adverts, they should not even allow us to use their service.” – As per the sources. Sounds really unbelievable isn’t? But it is as bitter as broccoli however is actually truth.

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