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Exposed!! Ram Gopal Varma Enjoying Belly Dancers at Puri’s Birthday Bash

The one who’s known for his tremendous efforts on directions of the movie, the one for whom people are crazy about and last but not the least a name which is alone enough to drag a huge applause of audience on the floor none other than ‘Ram Gopal Varma. One of the renowned cum rolling directors of all in the entire B town has suddenly tapped his feet into some sizzling controversy which is meant not to be exposed in the Bollywood but unfortunately is on the run and is impacting the sparking image of his entire carrier. Some of you might be thinking what rubbish am I talking about isn’t? So, before you commit something why don’t you have a look on the video right here..

Babloo Bachelor Poster 1

Didn’t you get a shock? I guess you might have, but if we flew with the sources then it is said that the entire video was captured by an unknown person whose name is still hiding but incident took place at Director Puri Jagannadh birthday party which was on 28th September 2015. We knew the birthday parties are meant for enjoyment however, creating such scenes that to in front of audience is actually spoiling the sparking image whose backbone is nothing but RGV’s tremendous efforts on directing a movie.

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