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Exclusive: Shilpa Shetty talks about her theatrical comeback with Nikamma and a lot more

Recently, at a press meeting, Shilpa Shetty Kundra talked about her upcoming film Nikamma, her character as a superwoman. And not just that, but she also revealed the reason why she said yes to coming back to movies.

In this interview, the actress was asked about her Nikamma’s release as it was supposed to be her first comeback, but due to the Covid, Hungama 2 remained the first. Talking about this the actress said, “It should have been my first release because that’s how it was intended to be but I think God has special plans. I am happy now as people are going to see this as my first theatrical release and this is the reason I said yes to coming back to the movies. So whatever is the fate of the film because sometimes the biggest film, the biggest actor pictures are not doing well in this weird phase. So we have kind of lost the movie-making, and the audience.”

“This I can very safely say that this is the kind of character that I don’t think any heroine has played like this. Bohot sare nuances hai bohot alag alag kirdaar main aati hu mein. It is a whole amazing process for me, mein zyada khulasa kar nahi sakti which is why I cant really talk to much but you will se it. The first half looks happy to me. It is a very Nice clean happy film, also content wise, jo Bhabhi devar angle has not yet been explored in Indian cinema other than in Sooraj ji’s film. It is like an old wine in a new bottle, beacuse it is presented in a very very modern way. Aise nahi hai ki Bhabhi gharko sambhal rahi hai, voh ghar ko sambhal rahi hai, voh devar ko bhi sambhal rahi hai aur voh sikha rahi hai ke iss Nikammepan se bahar nikalo.”

Further explaining the title she said, “I think I really believe if your not a Nikamma then you will not know the value of yourself. You have to go through it down like a rollercoaster ride.”

Talking about her upcoming Rohit Shetty’s cop universe web series. She said, “If I had to do something bigger, it would not have been bigger than this for me.”

Later on, the actress was asked about the new age and the elder stars in the industry to which she said, “I think the new-age actors are very much different from whom we were and from where we came from. But the audiences have also been changed, the acting style is changed, the way we remote is changed.”

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