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Exclusive Interview with Popular Fashion Influencer Puneet Tyagi

Puneet Tyagi

Meet Puneet Tyagi nationwide popular fashion influencer Puneet Tyagi from fashion capital Delhi

Puneet Tyagi is a renowned model, content creator, and fashion influencer. The ambitious young man from Delhi is catching the eyes of many for his impeccable sense of style and his amazing lifestyle and grooming tips for men of today.

As he continues to make his mark with his expertise in fashion both ethnic as well as western, we get to talk to him about his professional journey so far and his future plans

You have studied law, how have you developed an interest in fashion, lifestyle, and grooming?

I was inclined towards fashion and lifestyle from a very young age but started taking it seriously after I joined college. All through my graduation course, I was member of the fashion society of one of the reputed colleges from where I was studying. This not only improved my knowledge and expertise but made me thought seriously to take it as a profession. Starting from fashion shows in college I gradually became a professional model. I kept gaining more knowledge and started sharing it on Instagram. That is how it all happened.

You were already a successful model what made you turn into content creator and influencer?

Yes, that’s true I was walking ramp for few of the great designers and doing lots of endorsements but there was always a desire to share my knowledge with people, about fitness , grooming, lifestyle and trends to help others too. That is how I started my blog fashionwithpuneet. My Instagram page is about regular fitness and grooming tips and also brand endorsements.

How Easy or tough it is to become a fashion influencer?

Well nowadays social media is full of such people putting fashion influencers just to grab some attention, but we all have to realize that it is not just a tag, like any other profession you really have to put your blood and sweat to succeed. It is more than just 9-6 job. It keeps you occupied maybe since early morning to late night. Knowledge is must and so is expertise, and your content has to be real and authentic, plus it should appeal to your audience. Lots of planning and strategy go behind to what is looked as a simple Instagram page or a blog. Plus there is cut-throat competition, we can not deny the fact that the world is full of talented people ready to put more than 100% to succeed.

You have recently started with YouTube channel as well, tell us more about need and content?

Yes, that’s true, as I felt the reach of YouTube to the masses is much much more than Instagram at any given place and point. I want to take my knowledge to maximum number of people. And moreover, both are different kinds of mediums. While Instagram is about appealing pictures and content, on YouTube you can be more vocal and expressive. Also, your content can be larger as you can create videos starring from few minutes to even an hour more, depending on the requirement. So yes, I want to reach as many people through different platforms.

Few Tips on summer fashion for men?

I will suggest loose and comfortable clothes. Cotton is good for all the seasons but best for summers. Wear light colors and don’t follow the trends blindly. Assess your body type and accordingly opt for clothes


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