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An Exclusive Interview of Irada Actor Nikhil Pandey with


Nikhil Pandey interview

Film Irada is gearing up for release on 17 February 2017. Based on a path breaking subject, the film is directed by Aparnaa Singh. We caught up with Nikhil Pandey who is playing a key role in the film besides accomplished actors Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. 31 years old Nikhil, was cool and composed for the interview and here is what he shared with us.


CT : So Nikhil, your first film was Bajatey Raho? Tell us how did you get the role?

Nikhil : My first film Bajatey Raho was offered to me by a casting director who saw my play. I had to give a small audition and was selected on the basis of that.


CT:  Your next film Irada is a big project with the likes of Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi working in it. So what is it about?

Nikhil : My current film is about the crisis in Punjab that very few are aware of. People are dying of cancer in many villages there because the water and soil are being contaminated with harmful chemicals. Our film will bring light to the issue.


CT:  Tell us about your role in the film?

Nikhil : I play an activist in the film who tries to bring the truth out to people.


CT:  Did you always aspire to become an actor? What was your first choice in career?

Nikhil: I never had any choice. I was following the herd. First I did my engineering, then joined a software company and later may be I would have become a MBA degree holder. Thankfully in the process I joined theatre while working in Bangalore.


CT:  Who are the actors you idolize?

Nikhil : There are many : Amitabh Bachchan sir, Naseer sir, Om Puri ji , Pran sir and many more. From Hollywood I love to watch Leonardo Di Carpio, Christian Bale, Al Pacino.

CT:  What are the kinds of characters you would like to play?

Nikhil: I would love to play characters with flaws, having different shades.

CT: Who was the greatest support/encouragement in your acting journey till now?

Nikhil : My family and friends have been ever supportive. I am blessed that way.

CT :  And what do you besides acting, I mean your hobbies?

Nikhil : I love travelling , riding , reading.

CT : How do you keep yourself fit and healthy? Any special mantra?

Nikhil : I believe that health and fitness is not a goal, it should be our lifestyle. That’s why I don’t go to extreme exercise regime rather I try to include healthy food and physical training in my daily routine.


CT : Why, according to you, should the audience watch the film?

Nikhil : Other than being an eye opener on the current crisis in Punjab you would get to see some beautiful performances, music, dialogues. Our director Aparna ma’am has beautifully written and directed this film which is more than worth a watch.

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