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Exclusive Bigg Boss 13: Shefali Zariwala said Asim was a disciple, he will remain a disciple

In the episode of Bigg Boss 13, Shefali Zariwala is homeless. After being homeless, she revealed many secrets during her conversation in her interviews.

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When asked about Paras, he said that “It was not a good start with Paras, but when he went out of the house and came back, his attitude towards me had changed. Friendship also happened to the Mahira and Paras also apologized and then this friendship became very special after the enmity.”

Shefali while narrating the Trio with Asim and Himanshi said that Asim had only used me, he joined me and made him bond with Himanshi and then he changed when Himanshi came out. Asim first gave Sid, then me and Now using Rashmi. “

Shefali also spoke about Shehnaaz and Sid’s relationship and said that “We were pissed off Shahnaz by closing in the bathroom and Sid is very angry with Shehnaaz right now, but maybe Shahnaz might take him for granted.” “

Shefali said Asim was a disciple and would remain a disciple and he said that she is finding Siddharth’s game the best and she sees Shehnaaz, Asim and Sid in the top 3 of Bigg Boss 13 but she will always support Siddharth and Votes will appeal to them.

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