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Exclusive Bigg Boss 13: Now Devolina will enter the house like this

After the coming new twist on Bigg Boss 13, a new news is now coming out. Devolina Bhattacharya, who has been out of the show, is now going back home.

According to information received from sources, Devolina will be given entry in the house after Vikas Gupta’s aviation from Bigg Boss 13. Big Boss has prepared for this. After the weekend ka war is over, Devo will be sent back to the house where she will work with her old colleagues to carry on the game.

Devolina has also got information about this and she is fully ready to go inside the house. This time they will not know which of the maneuvers they will adopt.

Devolina had to take a decision out of the show in November due to an injury during the task. Devolina was considered a strong contender in the show. She was always seen raising her voice on every issue. Once back in the house again after elimination, she has performed very well.

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