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Angelium Kaur – Yoga Has Shaped my Modeling Career and it has gone smooth so far

Angelium Kaur
Angelium Kaur

Angelium Kaur is not an unknown name in the fashion world. Born In Amritsar, Punjab and brought in London. She has bagged Miss India 2018 and besides being a model, she is also a certified Yoga trainer and NLP expert. Recently she talked about her life, let’s check some of the excerpts from the same as under:

Q1: How do you start your day?

For me, morning is my favorite time of the day. This when I decide my entire day and thus ensure that I start my with all care and with the right stuff ahead. The day starts with a large glass of water with half of lemon squeezed in it. I then do some breathing workout along with sun salutation for 10 – 15 minutes and make my body light and fit for the day. The rest of the usual morning goes in the usual things like showers, getting ready for work, and so on.

Q2) From Kundalini Yoga to NLP, and then to Beauty Contest, why and how all these things happened?

Angelium Kaur
Angelium Kaur

Since childhood, I have always kept my childhood side spiritual. Thanks to my grandma. This then led to explore my personality a bit deeper, which ended up bringing me into the intense training of Kundalini yoga & NLP Masters. Both Yoga and NLP are powerful methods to keep the love for self alive and thus offer the painful memories that get stored in our subconscious. Soon I was attracted towards the Beauty/Fashion world all thanks to my good looks, it helped me to carry myself like a queen & wear my confidence like a crown.

Q3) Impact of Yoga in your life

Yoga has transformed my life upside down and it has given me some of the best practices and lifestyles which I have ever got in my life. It has taught many lessons that have made many people admire my personality. I was able to shape up my inner and outer beauty with Yoga.

Q4: How Yoga has helped you in your modeling career?

It has helped me in a big way to shape my modeling career by keeping my inner peace intact. It is shaped by habit patterns along with boosting up my willpower along with creativity, which ended up making me wiser in terms of making decisions and adding the skills and ability to become sensitive and turn into a perfect person.

Q5): What are your achievements in modeling career

My journey has been magical and I was flooded with opportunities, which offered me the best exposure in the glamour world. I was able to achieve the title Miss India 2018, which offered me an entirely new world to me. I did a lot of things with my modeling career, right from walking on the ramps to doing photoshoots for magazines like Debonair, Fitflam, and Femina, I have remained the face of many brands with modeling.

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