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Everyone will be inspired by Alia & Deepika’s Fitness Trainer Yasmir Karachiwala

There are many actresses in Bollywood who are known not just for their acting skills or glamour but also for their fitness and a good health. These certainly include Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone. And if we look at Alia and the leggy lass, we find that their trainers are one and the same Yasmin Karachiwala. Their fitness is often responsible for their trainers who work hard to keep their celerity clients fit and healthy.  In fact, these trainers too make headlines while putting their efforts in shaping their client’s body, which give the fans also to check their celebrities undergo, and we get the opportunity to learn as under:
Yasmin is a famous celebrity fitness trainer. From Bollywood actresses to models, many of her clients are celebrities. Her road to a competent trainer started from a local gym, and it is interesting to see how things turned for her and Yasmin a fitness trainer in Bollywood for hard work and knowledge. Along with her story you can catch some videos as well how she puts her celebrity clients to work.
Yasmir Karachiwala celebs gym trainer
Friend Advised her to join the gym
Yasmin started going to gym on the advice of her friend. When she went to the gym for the first time, she was barely 18 years. In the beginning, Yasmin was hesitant and reserved and was uncomfortable, but over the time she became the best student of gym.
Gym trainer in her own gym when she was the student there
One day his gym trainer offered her to work as a trainer in the gym, which Yasmin accepted immediately. She started training people in local gym for fitness and good health and from here the story of becoming a fitness trainer started.
Pursued her Fitness course from the US
After working for the local gym for a while, Yasmin decided to make a career in this field. She went all the way to USA to do a fitness course. There she got the certificate of group fitness trainer from the ‘American Consoles of Exercises’.
Opened her own institute in Mumbai
After returning from the US, Yasmin opened her own fitness institute in Mumbai with the name ‘Yasmin Body Image’. Today it has become a brand n many parts of the country in the fitness world. She has her chain in the US as well.
She is Country’s first BASI Pilatus trainer
Yasmin became the first BASI (Bioanalytical System Inc.) Pilatus Instructor in India, she runs the Pilatus Studios in Mumbai wherein more than 600 exercises are performed thus boosting up the body’s flexibility, stamina and strength.
Won Best Fitness Trainer Award
In 2013 Yasmin won the title of Best Fitness Trainer on behalf of the Vogue Fashion Award. Also in the year 2015, she also launched her fitness book, ‘Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way’.
Special alert about fitness
Besides celebrities, Yasmeen also takes special care of her fitness. She do regular workouts, as well as keep away from everything like drinking-smoking, which has a harmful effect on her health.
Too fit at this age
Yasmin was born on July 4, 1970. Yasmin, 48, is the mother of 3 children. Despite this age, she remains fit and healthy.  Looking at her looks, it is impossible to get an idea of her age.
Her Other Interests
Yasmin enjoys spending time on things like writing and partying with the family. They are also a stomach lover too.
Active media live on social media
Yasmin is quite active on social media she keeps on sharing photos with celebrities of Bollywood on their day. Besides, there are many videos available in her Instagram account, in which she is seen training the B Town actresses including Alia and Deepika.

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