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Entrepreneur Vinayak Shrivastav Collaborates with Shubham Kashyap for a short film Born Biker

Vinayak Shrivastav

For Vinayak Shrivastav, life at the tech company that created a video interactive platform called Toch seemed to revolve around many fashion brands, digital and e-commerce group who used its video-sharing platform to drive their business and its technology to enhance its capabilities. Having emerged as a strong partner to various brands to showcase their video content to promote their brands, Vinayak Shrivastav thought of creating IP driven content rather than relying on their clients to use their platform to share their videos and streaming content.

Just when this young Entrepreneur came in touch with the 21 year old Shubham YouTuber. He has a passion for bikes and runs his own YouTube channel called Born Biker. He was impressed with this young man and soon planned to launch him in Bollywood with a short film with the same title Born Biker. Shubham has done his B.Tech. In Computer Science, he used his passion for bikes with the IT knowledge gained in his undergraduate program.

Thus embarked with his YouTube Channel that has a sizeable amount of subscribers on YouTube. While this young YouTuber was busy making videos and putting them over his YouTube channel, he came in touch with Vinayak Shrivastav that soon gave this venture for the duo. Now, they have collaborated to make a short film with the said title having Shubham as the lead actor in it by none other than Vinayak Shrivastav.

It will be a win-win game for both as Vinayak would get some original content for his platform, while Shubahm gets the chance to make his debut in acting.

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