Entrepreneur Faisal Al Athba Is An Inspiration for Youngsters

Today We’ll talk about a young entrepreneur from Qatar, Faisal Hamad A H AL-ATHBA, who is popularly known as Faisal Al Athba, is making his mark in business world at a very young age, he is 15 years young.

Faisal Al Athba


To become a successful entrepreneur in today’s competitive world, you have to think differently. While the youngsters are partying and having fun. This 15 years young entrepreneur is busy working hard on building his empire and prove that age is just a number; it’s never too early, never too late. Do what you love even if some people hate.

For others Instagram maybe a timepass application but for Faisal Al Athba it has turned out to be a very productive platform. Faisal Al Athba is quite famous on Instagram as @fsl.11 and is followed by a lot of entrepreneurs from UAE.
He’s an inspiration for young entrepreneurs in his country Qatar, and in countries like India.

Faisal Al Athba has a keen interest in teaching people of Qatar how to do online business. As he feels here, people are still not that much aware of online marketing, and they are far behind from countries like the USA. He also wants to change many things in UAE as he finds many places where he can give his input which can be beneficial for him as well as for others.

With his business, he is spending time for the people who are facing problems in their life. He is helping people by changing their mindset towards life, and how to have a positive attitude in business and life.

He is currently building his empire in United Arab Emirates, and will soon expand his business worldwide.
Faisal Al Athba believes; nothing is too big to achieve.

We wish Faisal Hamad A H AL-ATHBA all the best for his business.

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