Entrepreneur Aman Saha Shares How He Became An Online Marketing Expert

Aman Saha

We live in a world where everything has gone digital. In today’s time, everyone is exploring the online business and wants to make their career as a digital marketing expert. To know the best about online marketing, you need an expert who can take you through the digital world. Aman Saha, a young online marketing specialist is making his name on the internet as one of the top marketing gurus. He hails from Kolkata and started online marketing at the age of 16.

Aman Saha began his career as a freelancer at Fiverr where he sold the website related services like website developing and designing of the web page. With having excellent expertise in SEO, the young entrepreneur has also helped many individuals grow traffic on their websites. However, his fortunes changed when Aman started affiliate marketing. It is not known to many but affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where an online retailer pays commission to an external website for increasing website’s traffic to generate higher sales. Within a span of a few years, his earnings increased drastically and he became an established name in the online marketing business.

“The more knowledge you share, the more knowledge you gain.” This is what Aman Saha strongly believes in. His passion for sharing knowledge saw him launch a forum called ‘FiamForum’ for India’s affiliate marketers. Later, the entrepreneur launched several other online services like PVAcodes, Bot24x, Mailtruck and so on. Currently, his main office is in Kolkata and looking at Aman’s kind of work, we believe that his calibre will take him to places in the coming years. We wish the young entrepreneur loads of success who is single-handedly changing the scenario of online marketing.

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