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Entrepreneur Adil Qadri talks about his special e-commerce web site, non-alcoholic perfumes, and business expansion plans

Adil Qadri

The present era is the era of innovative entrepreneurs who have distinct business ideas and the ability to implement and turn them into a successful business. Mr. Mohamed Adil Qadri is one such entrepreneur who started a unique business of sale of Islamic religious specific products through his e-commerce website and turned it into a flourishing business. Recently he spoke to us regarding his exclusive e-commerce website and expansion plans for his business.

Your e-commerce website has quite a unique concept, please tell us more about adilqadri. com

Yes, our website offers Islamic religious specific products, like Designers Islamic Caps, Barkati Topi, Religious symbols, attars, and many more products. With the changing time demand of customers is also re-shaped. Like there is a huge demand for designer Islamic caps, Barkati topis, we offer exclusive non-alcoholic perfumes, as alcohol-based perfumes are prohibited in Islam.

Why have you chosen to create a business around faith?

See I am a firm believer in Allah and his teachings. I come from a very humble background, I think whatever I have been able to do so far, is just because of his grace. And the second reason for entering this segment was that there are very few service providers specifically in the e-commerce platform, so I consciously chose this business as this segment has quite sizeable demand.

You said that you have an exclusive range of perfumes, tell us more about it?

Yes we noticed that demand for attars was reducing due to their more traditional scent, people specifically youth prefer perfumes that match with modern lifestyle, so we decided to launch a range non-alcoholic oil-based perfumes range which should be liked by the present generation. We have introduced Adilqadri Blue Ocean attar, Adil Qadri’s amazing signature attar, and AdilQadri Safwan attar last year, we are planning to launch a range of non-alcohol based deodorants too.

What other plans you have in the near future?

Soon we are coming up with 2 physical stores in 2 of the metro cities before the end of this year. Besides that, there are plans to launch Al-Qadri apparel and Adil-Qadri Dry fruits which will be available through our website in the near future.

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