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5 Hilarious Mistakes Committed in Bharat

top 5 mistakes in salman starrer bharat


Every Bollywood film has some mistakes or the other and thus the recently released film Bharat is not an exception. It has several mistakes that remain to be interesting and unique, we have clubbed the five unique mistakes as under, have a look at the same:

1). Rear Wheel not Moving – As Salman Khan takes a jump with his bike, the front wheel seems to be moving, while the rear tire seems to be in still position. Well, it is possible or Bharat has applied the brakes.

2). Disha Patani Dances in Air – While dancing in the song – Slow Motion, Salman Khan is seen leaving the hands of the actress while in the air but she remains there without falling down. So, once again Newton’s law has failed.

3). Man Falling down when he hits on the floor – In one of the scenes, a man carrying some load in the industrial premise falls down on the floor hitting with a pipe. However, as the man falls down, the truck close to him next goes far.

4). Ladies Goes Missing in the next sequences – In one of the songs, we see Kumud walking down the stairs and two ladies crossing her, in the next moment, they are missing out.

5). Lights up – As Bharat approaches close to Kumud, he is seen carrying out lights with him. Soon when he realizes that the lights have ignited well. Let’s see how Salman Khan becomes the battery for them. That’s interesting to catch!

Wrapping Up

There are many more such mistakes to be caught on the silver screen. How about catching up more while you watch the film in your close by screens.

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