Emerging Silver Stevie award winning young entrepreneur Jan Jens

entrepreneur Jan Jens

In their twenties, many people are still gripping at the foot of their newly discovered self-reliance. They are piecing together degrees or developing hands-on-experience as trainees and freelancers. Some of them are jittering with energy to dominate. Some are seeking a ‘why’ and also ‘exactly how to get there’.

For Jan Jens, the ‘why’ was straightforward – to let go of the comfort from his family-owned business and make it on his own. But, it was not a choice he ignored, and also by the look of things, not something he regrets.

Emigrating from Germany to the UNITED STATES, Jan had always had his heart set on Miami. The self-confessed workaholic invested months looking into the high-end rental building market to choose a residential property that he could sub-let. Jan had his first rental home with the help of a $39,000 financing from his father. With his pragmatic approach to pricing and a keen eye for developing strong credibility, Jan was soon at the helm of a company that was leasing luxurious properties to some of Miami’s many wealthiest customers.

While Jan may have paid back his debt within three months, his roots were something he always remembered. Comprehending the energetic needs of the luxury rental organization and the power of word of mouth, Jan focused on developing a strong brand. He was seeing to customers’ experiences directly.

Jan created a website, and used SEO, to expand to twelve rental properties. He was subleasing eight and also managing the other four. The concepts that most of us are still coming to terms with in the early twenties, Jan was accepting.

Fast forward to today, The Jatina Group is doing over $10 million in revenue. Jan is also amongst a list of entrepreneurs maximizing the growth in Miami’s tremendously expanding rental market.

A Silver Stevie Award winner, Jan Jens made sure to not let his kin down even after the onset of the Pandemic. Jan is also the recipient of Top Small Business of the Year, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. When most hotel businesses were down, and Airbnb was facing massive downsizing, Jatina Group was thriving with Jan at its helm.

Jens used intelligent tactics to strategize a plan of action for Jatina Group. He modified his messaging during the COVID period to attract clients. His strategies were so good, Jatina Group was fully booked when others were struggling to stay afloat.

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