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Ek Tha Tiger Vs. Tiger Zinda Hai, Which is the best?




Ek Tha Tiger Vs. Tiger Zinda Hai

Ek Tha Tiger Vs. Tiger Zinda Hai

As we see the film Tiger Zinda Hai hitting the theatres, it is but natural to see the comparison between the two. Well, the fact is both the film have the same stars – Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif with the same old characters but when we compare the two films, we see a huge difference between the two, how about comparing the two and getting the gist of them as under:

The Love Factor 
Both the films have the star actors Kat and Salman with the same names but if you look at the prequel we see some heavy dialogues are there to maintain the world peace. However, with the sequel, amidst all high end action, the efforts to restore the world peace what goes missing here is the love that was seen in between the two, which was the soul of the prequel. In fact, the film Ek Tha Tiger went on to establish the fact that it was the love only that would bring the wide gap between two nations.
The Music 
We had two different films with two different music directors however, with one similar thing – Salman Khan. The prequel had four original songs, 1 instrumental and 3 remixes; while th sequel has 5 original songs and 1 unplugged version. But comparing the two, the music and songs in the film called Ek Tha Tiger seemed better in terms of content and popularity.
The Box Office 
If you check the Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer latest movie it had taken a better opening and ended up impressing the audience in a big way much better than the prequel. The film has earned INR 33.75 crore at the box office on day one, while similar figures were seen on the second day. With such a performance, the film has broker all the records of the Ek Tha Tiger and Dhoom 3 as well particularly earning on the highest opening day.
Wrapping Up
It’s a win-win situation for both the film. Both have their own winning points, however, taking a virtual look the prequel seems to have better points but as time passes the sequel is likely to do better over the box office.

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