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Ek Tera Sath – 1:13:7 Movie Review


A cramped script making the audience perplexed about the film

In today’s busy Friday, we can find a slew of movies releasing in Tinsel Town. One of these movies includes Ek Tera Sath 1:13: 7, which is directed by Arshad Siddiqui and produced by Pradeep K Sharma and V Nazareth under the banner of Eyefaa Studio. The film has Sharad Malhotra, Hritu Dudani, and Melaaine Nazereth in the lead roles while Vishwajeet Pradhan, Deepraj Rana, Gargi Patel, Aprajita Mahajan and Anubhav Dhir in the supporting roles. The film falls under romantic genre and revolves around supernatural element. It has been shot in Ghanerao Jaisalmer, Shimla, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Delhi. The trailer released earlier had a decent response in the media, time to check the insight about the film getting the crux of the same as under:


The film is has a huge palace based in Rajasthan, which is among the haunted place due to the presence of some ghosts with royal ancestors. The decedents of this clan called Prince Aditya Pratap Singh played by Sharad Malhotra. He lost his wife young whom he loved the most and thus seen often mourning the loss of his life partner. His mundane life simply changes when a man is murdered in the palace and the ghost is seen knocking. So, what happens next, will he get his wife back, is he able to crack the mystery, and unveil the number of things comprises of the film called Ek Tere Sath – 1:13:7.

The film starts in the usual note creating the required background needed in the film, however, as the film before the end of the intermission, the film simply loses its track drastically confusing the audience whether it is a thriller or their minds are simply being picked. The next half is not that intense as it was required a lot in a horror thriller thus losing its track and hampering the genre. The character of Sharad of a brooding price is very much flat that it turns a laughing stock giving enough reasons to make the fun of it reducing it to be a complete failure.

Sharad is seen getting relegated by playing the character, which can be rightly defined like a caricature of a prince. The co-actors like Hritu and Melanie too have very little to offer as far as the screen space and performances are concerned. Even the man in the character of an inspector played by Deepraj too seems to have baffled with his performance. Now talking about the direction, it seems to be poor and shabby as he seems to be a confused man behind the screen or camera. The music isn’t that impressive as needed in a horror film and similar is the story with other aspects of the film including screenplay, editing and other technical elements. Overall the picture isn’t that rosy for the film, which turns out to be a palpable laughing stock.

Ek Tera Sath – 1:13: 7 The Last Word

The film can be called as a campy horror film which simply ceases the fun and soon turns out to be a cult venture. However, with a run time of the movie tolling to around 120 minutes, the Ek Tera Sath is too long to fall into this category. The smart usage of word and number play simply used in the title is for the effect alone. At the end of the movie, the only thing, which remains intact with you, is the title track. In a sense the film can be recorded with a lower rating for sure for obvious reasons.

Rating – 2.0

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